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Speciality Services

I can also offer particular services for your individual needs such as:


  • Re-corking

  • Re-padding

  • Soft soldering

  • Silver or hard soldering

  • Tenon joint replacement

  • Dent work

  • Neck re-fitting

  • Tone hole work

  • Custom made keys or parts

  • Trombone handslide work or replacement

  • ...and many more services !

Dent Work

Specific services such as dent work on brass instruments is offered. Keep in mind that on laquered instruments the lacquer has already been stretched or cracked & in the processs of returning the metal to where it usually resides can cause the lacquer to either mottle a little or peel off in worst case scenarios especially if there are sharp creases in the dent.


Silverplated instruments are more resilient to surface damage . Plating generally will not peel or crack but in some cases may result in a mottled appearence for heavy dent work.


Accessible dents are also more cost effective to remove than inaccessible ones i.e.  (around the bends). Dent work is charged on a per hour basis.


Soft soldering of posts & braces  on all lacquered or silverplate brass instruments is offered & can be done as special request or may need to  be part of a service if the case arises.


Broken keywork can in most cases be hard or silver soldered back together unless the key has been cast from an inferior alloy as found on some cheaper instruments.

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